Please help us create a meditation & holistic center in the city; a loving community where people can come and experience the essence of meditation, expression, and creativity; a space to have an opportunity to accept ourselves as we are, which seems to be the hardest thing in this world. 

Osho Padma NYC was located in the heart of New York City, in the beautiful surroundings of Lower Manhattan, until October 2017. The center had been running since 1977, which is the longest running Osho center in the USA. A women named Satya Priya who ran the center for over 35 years recently passed away from old age. Since her passing we had to close the center due to lease issues. Closing the Osho center has made many of us realize how important it is to have a center in New York. There are many young people calling every week curious about meditation and Osho. Our feeling is that people are needing a space for creativity and expression, an environment where they can come and be themselves.

Osho introduced to the world a series of what he calls active meditation techniques. His understanding is that in this fast-paced modern world we live in, it is almost impossible to go straight from this crowded mind to being silent and relaxed. The process of these techniques first help us release mind/body stress and slow down the overthinking mind. This then gives space to relax into the inner silence that’s already there. 

It is Osho’s vision to bring East and West together as a whole. He says, “Out of that wholeness will arise a new kind of health.”  At Osho Padma we combine the wisdom of the East with the science of the West.  We offer different approaches that are all parts of a bigger movement towards the growth of consciousness, covering a wide range of body-oriented therapies and energy work. 

It’s an oasis in the city; a place to drop anxiety and tension; a place to dance, laugh, cry and close one’s eyes for an hour or so. It’s an opportunity to explore oneself lovingly and to see first-hand what meditation is all about.

Many of us living in the City involved with Osho are putting our energy and money to finding a larger space where we can open a center, which would be the first Osho center in New York of this size.  We have an amount which could secure the space but we do need help to raise money to create the center we envision. We have created a donation page with and the information are listed below. We also have a PayPal account ( if preferred. Thank you for your support. 

Love Arpana & Meera




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